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What is
SKIZZLE is here to provide a truly commercial-free online service that is more safe and private than all other advertiser-sponsored Web sites and services. As a SKIZZLE member, you will enjoy personal productivity tools and great community features with our promise of:
NO ADVERTISING. There are no third-party banners or pop-up ads on Online services and Web sites like AOL, MSN, Yahoo!, GeoCities, and Delphi Forums will sell banner space and pop-up ads to businesses, then try to attract you with features that are littered with ads. As if that isn't bad enough, some even try to turn around and sell you services to block those very same ads! They take the fun out of being online, and SKIZZLE is here to put it back in.
NO DOWNLOADS. SKIZZLE was designed to work like an online service, but completely within a Web browser. Instantly log in at home, at work, or anywhere else you can find an Internet connection and a compatible Web browser. This means you don't have to download bulky and buggy client software and risk installing sneaky spyware. Even JavaScript is not necessary.
NO SPAM. You've probably noticed that once you register on other Web sites, you get bombarded with more E-mails. The fact is, many sites run just to collect E-mail addresses for their advertisers. SKIZZLE will NEVER sell or display E-mail address or any other personal information that we may collect, and you will NEVER receive SPAM resulting from your membership here.
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