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Recover your Account
Account recovery features WILL NOT WORK if the E-mail address associated with your account is invalid, no longer functional, has reached it's storage quota, or over-aggressively blocks E-mails. If you have not been maintaining a valid E-mail address in your account profile, this option will not work, and you will need to contact the technical support department to obtain a new password. Please DO NOT contact technical support until you have made reasonable efforts to recover your account.
  Note to Mailblocks users: SKIZZLE system E-mails are sent using an automated process, and do NOT participate in the Mailblocks challenge process. If your mail system uses similar anti-SPAM features, please make sure you "White-List" the mail account before attempting to use any recovery features.
We can try to locate your account based on information in your account profile. The more information you can provide here, the better chance you have of recovering your login. Please take your best guess on all fields.
What might be your SKIZZLE or RootFolder Handle?
What may have been part of your Password?
What was the E-mail address in your account profile?
What was the Zip Code in your account profile?
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