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New Web Site Submission
If you know of a Web site that is not appearing in the SKIZZLE Web Site Locator, you can submit it for cataloging. Remember, only real Web sites are cataloged, not individual Web pages within a site.
Your submission should look something like "". If you submit a URL like "" that contains additional slashes or page names, only the domain name portion, "", will be cataloged.
Submission Tips
When submitting a site, please keep the following in mind:
Submitting member "sites" hosted on sub-pages of Geocities, Tripod, Angelfire, and similar free hosting services will not work. The Web Site Locator will only catalog real Web sites on dedicated domains.
If the site does not have keyword and/or description META tags on the home page, it has a lower chance of showing up in searches.
If the site's home page contains links to other Web sites, they will queued for cataloging as well.
There is no ranking system. You should submit the site once, then again only when the keyword or description META tags change.
If the site is not operational at the time of submission, its listing may be significantly delayed.
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