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Member Rewards Program Launched!
Starting on September 1st, 2003, you may see stars near member handles in select areas throughout These stars are part of our Member Rewards Program, and indicate a member's overall level of participation in the SKIZZLE community. 
How does the program work?
When you are logged in, you accumulate points for using Although any click within the SKIZZLE Web site earns points, you will earn significantly more points by participating in SKIZZLE community features. When your points reach predetermined milestone levels, you are awarded stars, up to a maximum of 5. In the future, high ranking members will be eligible for prizes.

What's the best way to earn points?
The best way to earn lots of points is to run a popular Club or post frequently in an existing Club. Participating in Premium Clubs earn even more points, especially if you use the premium features of the Club. If you are participating in the Distributed Web Site Locator project, you receive a special star just for that.

Why is SKIZZLE doing this?
The Member Rewards Program is designed to give constant visual credit to members that actively support the SKIZZLE community.

What does each star mean?
Currently, there are three kinds of stars that are awarded:
Distributed Web Site Locator Participant
This animated logo indicates that the member is an active participant in the SKIZZLE Distributed Web Site Locator (DWSL) project, and that they are running the DWSL client application on one or more of their personal computers. For more information about this project, and to learn how you can make a significant contribution to the project with almost no effort, visit the Web Site Locator Home.
Premium Club Owner
An animated rainbow star indicates that the member is an owner of one or more Premium SKIZZLE Clubs.
Community Participation
Up to 5 yellow stars indicate the relative number of points that the member has accumulated. You can assume that members with no stars are new or not very active, and members with 5 stars are very active and are probably seasoned SKIZZLE members.
We will be posting more information about the Member Rewards program as it develops. If you would like to see the entire (maximum) collection of stars that can be awarded at this time, they are demonstrated in the Webmaster account profile.
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