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Catch Phrase
A cross between hangman and a popular 'wheel' game (without the wheel, of course), this classic word game covers many categories of people, things, and general catch phrases.
Number Maze
A SKIZZLE exclusive! With an unlimited number of levels and mazes that never repeat, this game will certainly test your skills - and your patience!
Build rows of cards that add to 21. If you can outlast the deck, you move on to the next round and score big! Sounds easy, right? Well, you know how that goes...
Triad Solitaire
All it takes is one bad move or a little bad luck to ruin your chances at obtaining a respectable score in SKIZZLE's first solitaire-style card game!
This is the classic dice game that scores exactly like the real thing, including the bonus Yahtzees and Joker scoring!
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